Postnatal Course

This course is available for enrollment via our ‘Online Platform’ if you would prefer to work out from home or physically in the studio with us. All enrollments will receive access to our online library.


This 6-week course is specifically for those wanting to return to exercise after giving birth. It is designed to help you regain pelvic floor strength and assist in rehabilitating abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti).


Week 1Reconnect Part 1. Connecting body, mind & breath
Week 2Reconnect Part 2. Strengthening your core
Week 3Align Your Spine. Re-align the pelvis and spine after birth.
Week 4Stretch & Strengthen Upper Body. Shoulder posture and well-being.
Week 5 Stretch & Strengthen Lower Body. Lower back and pelvic stability.
Week 6Creating Healthy Habits.Tips to assist your posture whilst caring for your baby.


  • 6 x weekly classes  with your bub online or in studio
  • All weekly classes saved for use at your leisure
  • 2 x ‘group check ins’ with Bec at the beginning and end of your course
  • Live Q & A zoom session with Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Lauren Clarke (plus $30 off initial consultation)
  • Take home breastfeeding dietary advice from Dietitian Paula Norris
  • Weekly content released just for you


Date: Wednesday, 15th July through to 19th August

Time: 11:00am-12:00pm
Investment: $150

Places are limited.


Barre Instructor Course – 50hrs

Barre Instructors Australia is excited to announce it will be delivering its first Barre Teacher Training.
This course is tailored to draw on your current strengths, skills and personality to deliver an excellent quality Barre class.
You will receive a strong grounding of the fundamentals and learn how to put together a safe, effective and successful Barre class. This course is for anyone that has an interest in Barre training. A Certificate III or higher in Dance, Fitness, Pilates, Yoga or equivalent is highly recommended.
To register your interest please email us at