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Can I use my current My Mama Said Membership/Passes for the NEW online platform?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The Online Studio is a completely separate platform to our My Mama Said Studio and we have no way of integrating current memberships/passes. We had hoped that we could, but the MINDBODY system would not allow us to give you access to content at a time best suited to you. It involved constant emailing of passcodes for every single class, unreliable streaming designed for conferences and no access to the classes after they are streamed. We believe that our clients deserved better and so we have invested in an online streaming system that gives you so much more.

What will happen to my current membership/passes? Will I be charged for both?

Your current membership/pass is on hold. You will not be charged for two memberships. The only membership you can be charged for is the NEW online classes if you wish to subscribe.

Can I get a refund for my membership/pass with My Mama Said Studio?

We have been forced to close our business by the Australian Government and we cannot open until they give us permission. This means we can no longer trade. We can no longer take payments or issue refunds until our business reopens. All memberships/passes will just pick up from where they were left when the time comes to reopen. All expiry dates will be extended and memberships honoured. 

Why do I have to pay for another membership? I can’t afford it as I’m no longer employed due to the COVID 19 crisis?

The COVID 19 crisis has affected us all and My Mama Said is no exception. The new MMS Online is priced at $50 per month so we can afford to survive this crisis financially and take care of our employees. We know that not everybody is in a position to afford the $50 per month at this time. For this reason, we started the MMS Online streaming page on Facebook. There you will have access to a range of classes you can continue to do during this time for free.