Owner & Director

Lisa has worked as a professional performing artist and educator for over 20 years. Having worked extensively in Australia as a dancer and choreographer, Lisa headed to the USA to take up a full acting scholarship. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Performance) from the University of Florida, graduating with Highest Honours. Whilst in the USA, Lisa performed in Broadway regional theatres, choreographed numerous musical productions, and began working as a university lecturer in acting and movement.

Her desire to help actors find creative enjoyment and physical freedom through a greater understanding of the physical body led her back to Australia where she became the Head of Movement and Dance for NIDA. Her approach to the physical body has been through her dancers discipline and her yoga philosophies. She now embarks on a journey to share with everyone the importance of a strong physical presence in achieving their professional goals. She is an experienced and dedicated Yoga teacher, inspiring personal trainer and renowned dance teacher.

Studio Manager

Bec Bainger is the studio manger at MMS and a passionate instructor who is dedicated to promoting and providing outstanding services in health, fitness, entertainment and the arts. With a background as a professional stunt woman for television and film and contemporary dancer she holds a Bachelor of Dance Performance, Performing Arts Diploma and is a qualified Pilates & Barre instructor with many years experience teaching clinical mat Pilates. “I was initially drawn to Pilates through my dance injuries and used it to help rehabilitate my body. This insight and experience has given me a unique set of skills in delivering effective fitness programs, providing the client with positive results.”
Bec is also one of our passionate pre & postnatal fitness experts at the studio and believes there is nothing more rewarding than being apart of a client’s journey to wellness.


Celia Hepburn is a qualified Barre, Yoga, Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor. She also has a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) from Deakin University, and works as an independent dance artist. With a background in Classical ballet teaching, she is attentive to detail, passionate about alignment, efficiency and bodily awareness in her clients. However, she was always the one laughing up the back in ballet class whilst working her butt off, so appreciates the importance of a good time with lots of laughter – she will make you sweat and smile, and has a deep fondness for 80’s pop.


Natalie studied and trained in ballet and contemporary dance for over twenty years.  Taking time out to work and start a family, she rediscovered her passion, for dance again.  Loving the high intensity of dance style fitness, Natalie soon discovered Zumba. The Latin choreography was addictive and extremely effective in keeping her fit and motivated. She quickly went from attending classes to running them as a sort after instructor. Natalie is also a certified Barre Attack instructor and is excited to be a part of the My Mama Said team and looks forward to seeing you in her classes. Zumba: let it move you!


Tara Buhagiar has been a student and teacher of yoga for nearly twenty years. In 2008 she expanded into meditation. She practiced various traditions until finding her love for mindfulness meditation.
Tara’s classes explore how mindful movement, stillness, pranayama and meditation can cultivate healing and transformation. She enjoying holding space for students to dive deeply into their own practice. Tara is grateful to guide students on their yoga journey.
She is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and certified in Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga.  Tara is passionate about teaching mindfulness workshops and courses and feels privileged to also be a Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator. She has a  BA in Communications, is certified by The Society for Holistic Therapists and Yoga Alliance.


Lauren is a graduate from the Australian Ballet School where she obtained her Diploma of Classical Ballet and Performing Arts. A professional dancer, she has worked with local classical, contemporary and corporate companies in both soloist and principal roles. Lauren is a qualified Pilates, Ballet, and Barre instructor, as well as physiotherapist assistant. She is currently completing her yoga qualification, whilst undertaking studies in biomedical science. (As you do!) It brings her great joy to share all she has learnt to help her clients achieve their wellness goals and dreams.


Rachael originally trained and performed as a contemporary dancer in the UK where she gained an MA in Dance Performance. It was during these years that she was introduced to pilates as a form of injury prevention and rehabilitation and became totally hooked!

Since becoming qualified to teach Pilates and Barre in 2011 Rachael has gone on to become an instructor trainer and regularly delivers workshops, masterclasses and courses for Pilates and Barre trainers in Australia, the UK and Singapore.

She takes pride in being able to deliver a creative class whilst focusing on finding the joy in movement and empowering you to feel great!


Kat has been teaching pilates and personal training for over 10 years and is passionate about teaching Mat, Reformer and Clinical Pilates. Kat’s specialises in  pre and post natal care, pelvic health, shoulder health, injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Her qualifications include Certificate III & IV in Fitness, qualified Mat and Clinical Pilates Instructor with Breathe Education and STOTT Pilates. She also holds a  Diploma of Languages, Bachelor of Science and Master of Teaching.


Alisha is a passionate, relevant and motivational teacher. Her experience lends her the ability to work with all clients from injury rehabilitation, to pre and post-natal women or assisting in general wellbeing to make day to day activities easier.

Alisha has been a Certified STOTT Pilates Matwork, Reformer and ISP instructor since 2009. She holds a Certificate IV in Fitness and a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance.

Alisha also loves Yoga. She has been practicing Yoga since her early 20’s and this is a major passion of hers. She completed her Akhanda Yoga teacher training in 2016 in the foothills of the Himalayas with Yogrishi Vishvaketu.  Integrating this ancient and enduring science into her life allows a deeper unification of the physical. emotional and spiritual self.


Nikolai Hepp is a London trained, German-Canadian professional dancer who loves high tempo workouts that leave you blissfully exhausted. With years of experience in ballet and teaching barre method his workouts aim to tone and lengthen your muscle while also improving posture and body alignment. He is a qualified personal trainer, has Diploma of Dance and has worked across the globe performing on cruise ships.

While Nikolai is the perfect choice for those looking to develop flexibility, he is also a passionate strength and endurance trainer. His approach also incorporates aspects of HIIT (high intensity interval training), and he is a master of balance and body weight.