Spring Renewal Workshop

With Tara Buhagiar

Friday, November 15

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, exhausted or in need of self-care? Then this workshop is for you.

Join Tara for Restorative Yoga and a guided meditation of the body scan for ultimate relaxation.
This self-care workshop will help you de-stress and cultivate calm.
The practice of deep rest will rejuvenate your body, mind and heart.


Restorative Yoga helps to cultivate calm without effort. It is defined as the use of props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health. The body is nurtured with long holds supported by blankets, bolsters, cushions and blocks.

The practice is about opening, not stretching. It is adaptive to meet bodies where they are at regardless of age, injury or state of health. The nervous system is soothed as we shift from doing to being. There is nothing to do in the poses, it is a practice of being with what is arising, opening to sensations, emotions and thoughts. The only thing to achieve is optimal comfort as you practice doing nothing.

The poses initiate peace, leaving you feeling nourished in body, mind and heart.


When: Friday, November 15th
Time: 7.00 – 9pm
Investment: $50 | Members $45
 Places limited. Bookings essential.


Presenter: Tara Buhagiar has been a student and teacher of yoga for nearly twenty years. In 2008 she expanded into meditation. She practiced various traditions until finding her love for mindfulness meditation . Tara’s classes explore how mindful movement, stillness, pranayama and meditation can cultivate healing and transformation. She enjoys holding space for students to dive deeply into their own practice and is grateful to guide students on their yoga journey. She is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and certified in Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga.  Tara is passionate about teaching mindfulness workshops and courses and feels privileged to also be a Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator. She has a  BA in Communications, is certified by The Society for Holistic Therapists and Yoga Alliance. 


Barre Technique Workshop

With Lisa Minett

Sunday, November 24

Barre classes are an eclectic mix of dance, fitness and Pilates. Designed to give everyone an accessible form of dancer style training. They are high in energy, low on impact and out of this world in getting long lasting results.
The key to achieving the amazing results a Barre class can offer lies in the understanding and application of specific techniques. Learn the basic principles of a Barre class as taught by Lisa Minett – Owner and Director My Mama Said Barre Studios in Melbourne. In this 2 hour workshop, she will breakdown the techniques that she uses on her own clients and specific alignment cues that bring them optimum results, without the injuries.


Workshop will cover:


1. The basic principles of a Barre class to get effective results.
2. Breakdown the fundamental exercises of Barre.
3. How and when to use modifications.
4. The importance of alignment and hands on adjustments.


Time: 12.00 – 2pm
Investment: $55 | Barre Workshop Package ( both barre workshops) $100
Places limited.
Bookings essential.


Presenter: Lisa Minett is the owner and director of My Mama Said and has worked as a professional performing artist and educator for over 20 years. Having worked extensively in Australia as a dancer and choreographer, Lisa headed to the USA to take up a full acting scholarship. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Performance) from the University of Florida, graduating with Highest Honours. Whilst in the USA, Lisa performed in Broadway regional theatres, choreographed numerous musical productions, and began working as a university lecturer in acting and movement.

Her desire to help actors find creative enjoyment and physical freedom through a greater understanding of the physical body led her back to Australia where she became the Head of Movement and Dance for NIDA. Her approach to the physical body has been through her dancers discipline and her yoga philosophies. She now embarks on a journey to share with everyone the importance of a strong physical presence in achieving their professional goals. She is an experienced and dedicated Yoga teacher, inspiring personal trainer and renowned dance teacher.


Barre Sequencing Workshop – for Instructors

With Lisa Minett

Sunday, November 24

Want to explore the various ways in which you can theme and sequence your Barre classes so that they book out weeks in advance? My Mama Said Barre Studios Director, Lisa Minett will take you through a creative process so that you can start putting your unique stamp on all your classes. This workshop will give you the tools to feel confident and well organised when delivering classes week in and week out.


Workshop will cover:


1. Application of Barre Techniques into creative Barre Sequences.
2. The use of themes as entry point to class planning.
3. The importance of music and how to make a killer playlist.
4. Tools to keep classes flowing and clients returning.
5. Warm up to cool down – every moment is important


Join Lisa for this opportunity to discover all her secrets to delivering booked out classes week after week. With over 20 years of experience teaching dance, yoga, movement and Pilates, this once off workshop is not to be missed.
Strictly limited amount of places are open to Barre, Dance, Pilates and Fitness students or professionals.


Time: 2.30 – 4.30pm
Investment: $55 | Barre Workshop Package ( both barre workshops) $100
Places limited.
Bookings essential.