My Mama Said classes are open to all levels of experience. We know that working your butt at the Barre or finding your inner core in Pilates will be new to many, so don’t stress! Our instructors are industry leaders, passionate about creating workouts that challenge your mind and body in just the right way. After all, fitness is not one size fits all.


Barre is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Fitness providing an all-over body workout. It is a high-intensity class, without the high impact. The class is primarily done at the ballet barre. Barre is suitable for anyone who wants to get amazing results whilst genuinely having a good old time!

  • Barre – our signature class is a full-body workout that includes a deep core set on the mat and quick stretch to finish.
  • Barre Stretch – less intense than our signature Barre, it’s equal parts strength and stretch to leave you feeling perfectly balanced.
  • Circuit –  a HIIT-styled workout that raises the heart rate. Low impact and maximum heart rate make this the safest circuit you’ll ever do!

*Note these classes are a safe and excellent workout for our prenatal clients who have attended our prenatal fitness classes prior.


If you have never met your core, or just can’t find where you put it, best you pencil this class in at least once a week. Pilates is a practice which requires deep concentration and connection to the body to develop strength in the abdominals, pelvic floor, lower back, muscles and glutes.

  • Pilates Mat – a full body workout using small props to challenge and support your workout. It will leave you feeling longer, stronger and more energised.
  • Pilates Arc – designed for comfort and support, the arc is a great class for improving posture. Exclusive to MMS, this class will dramatically improve core strength and spinal mobility.
  • Core Fit – A fast moving class designed to elevate your core to a new level using free weights, kettle bells or resistance bands for a challenging workout.
  • Reformer – A well-rounded workout targeting specific muscle groups to improve bio-mechanical patterning and function of your body. It’s safe, fun and effective!

* Please note these classes aren’t suitable for prenatal clients. We offer a prenatal fitness class that is based on Pilates principles as a safer alternative.


The true heart of My Mama Said lies in our yoga classes. We draw on various lineages of yoga styles to create a challenging practice for the mind, body, and most importantly the soul. All our class sizes are limited so you get the time and attention you deserve.

  • FlowMove through creative vinyasa flow sequences in this complete practice. Develop a deep connection to breath as you allow it to be the conductor of your movement. Flow classes will improve your energy levels, build muscle strength, promote balance and stability and help relieve stress.
  • VibeA vibrant stretch class done with a lot of groove and a heap of heart. We breathe, we move, and we listen to what comes up. Let go of tension, stress and anything holding you back from being your fantastic, phenomenal self.
  • ChillDevelop your yogi style with this flow and restore class suitable for everyone. A great place for those new to Yoga to learn some of the fundamentals. We start with some easy flow sequences and then switch gears into deep relaxation.
  • Restore – Let go and surrender to deep rest with this nurturing yin-style yoga practice. We restore the body and the mind with long hold stretching to relax muscles and lengthen fascia. Bolsters, blankets, candles and heavenly sounds make this your ultimate self-care class.

*Note that only Restore Yoga is suitable for prenatal clients. Please contact us for further information.

Prenatal Fitness

The prenatal classes are designed using the best exercises from yoga, pilates, barre and fitness training. Our qualified instructors will educate you on the safest and most effective way to exercise during your pregnancy. Classes are open to all levels of experience.
*Please see our FAQs for more information

Mums & Bubs

This class is specifically designed to help you regain strength and stability postpartum whilst spending time bonding with your baby. Exercises include a mix of barre, pilates and yoga to help you lengthen, strengthen, stretch and tone the body safely.
*Please see our FAQs for more information

Image of pilates student body sitting in mermaid pose on top of reformer pilates bed

Private Sessions

Want a program tailored specifically to your needs?

We offer private and duet sessions where you can choose your time and type and we’ll schedule you in one of our instructors. Email us for more info and bookings.