Welcome to Yoga by MMS, where we offer a deluxe yoga experience with exceptional instructors to guide you through your practice. Our boutique environment is inclusive and welcoming, featuring earthy textures to enhance your yoga journey. Our Williamstown location offers a full timetable of yoga classes, including masterclasses, workshops, and studio events. Come flow, chill, and restore your body and mind with us. Bring a friend and enjoy a grounding and connected yoga experience.



You instructor in triangle pose with eyes closed with her face to the sky

Sweat: Get yourself detoxed in this strong yoga flow class done in a 27° heated room. Focus on alignment, technique and breath control as you warm the body and challenge the mind to find your inner peace.

Flow: Move through creative vinyasa flow sequences in this complete practice. Develop a deep connection to breath as you allow it to be the conductor of your movement. Flow classes will improve your energy levels, build muscle strength, promote balance and stability and help relieve stress.

Vibe: A vibrant stretch class done with a lot of groove and a heap of heart. We breathe, we move, and we listen to what comes up. Let go of tension, stress and anything holding you back from being your fantastic, phenomenal self.

Chill: Develop your yogi style with this flow and restore class suitable for everyone. A great place for those new to Yoga to learn some of the fundamentals. We start with some easy flow sequences and then switch gears into deep relaxation.

Restore: Let go and surrender to deep rest with this nurturing yin-style yoga practice. We restore the body and the mind with long-hold stretching to relax muscles and lengthen fascia. Bolsters, blankets, candles and heavenly sounds make this your ultimate self-care class.

*Note that only Restore Yoga is suitable for prenatal clients. Please contact us for further information.

Single Session
Casual drop in
No Expiry
New Client Intro Offer
5 Classes
Valid for 21 days


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Yoga By MMS FAQs

Can I use my membership and passes at MMS Seddon to book into Yoga by MMS classes?

Yes! All memberships and passes that you have purchased from our Seddon studio can be used at the Williamstown Yoga studio. That means you just got a whole lot more bang for your buck!

If I purchase a ‘Mat Lovers’ membership, do I get access to all the classes in Seddon and Williamstown? 

You will get access to all the Yoga and Pilates mat classes at both studios. You will not get access to Barre or Pilates reformers classes in Seddon. You will need to purchase the Barre Addicts or Superstar memberships.

Do I need to book my classes at Yoga by MMS or can I just rock up?

All Yoga classes should be booked in advance to secure your spot. We have limited class sizes and we don’t want you to miss out.

Are the Yoga classes suitable for prenatal clients?

Only the ‘Restore’ classes are suitable for prenatal clients at Yoga by MMS. We have prenatal fitness available in Seddon and these are included in the Mat Lover Memberships. We will be starting specific prenatal yoga classes later in the year.

Do I have to bring my own mat to Yoga?

You can if you like, but we provide mats for everyone, free of charge at Yoga by MMS.

I am a beginner at Yoga; can I attend your classes?

Absolutely! Here at Yoga by MMS we do our best to teach in a progressive manner, which means providing options for everyone. We do ask, however, that you communicate with your Yoga instructor before class so they can give you as much support and any modifications you may need throughout the class.

What if I’m running late to my Yoga class?

Latecomers will not be admitted to yoga class after 5 mins of the class commencing. This is for your safety and out of respect for those already in class who will be distracted by you as you rush to set up your props.

I have recently bought a pass, and booked a class but now it is asking me to pay! What do I do?

Any pass that you purchase through Mindbody will activate from the first yoga class that you book. This means that if you book your first yoga class on Wed 10th January (for example) and then go to book another yoga class on Mon 8th January, the system will not be able to backdate and recognise your pass. To fix this, all you need to do is cancel the first yoga class you booked and book the first yoga class you want to attend first in chronological order. Still confused? Email us and we will help you out.