Portrait of Lisa Minett, Yoga, Barre & Pilates Instructor looking at her camera with one hand on her hip

Director: Lisa Minett

Bec, the studio manager, qualified Pilates, Barre, Group Fitness and Pre and Postnatal Fitness Trainer with her hands on her head smiling at the camera

Manager: Bec Bainger

Yoga Program Director: Nickie Hanley

Pilates Program Director: Virginia Annese

Portrait of Aimee Schollum, Pilates, Barre and Yoga Instructor who is smiling and looking at the camera with her hands by her side

Aimee Schollum

Erin Rainey

Grace Ireland

Portrait of Ailsa Woodhouse, pilates instructor, smiling at the camera with her hand by her side

Ailsa Woodhouse

Maja Jadrijevic

Catherine Silvester

Stella Yun

Tori Styles

Annie Manos

Janelle Kingsley

Carlee Mellow

Portrait of Ayami Urli senior yoga teacher with her arms out, smiling & looking at the camera

Ayami Urli

Portrait of Bronwyn Meyrick, qualified yoga and group fitness instructor looking to the side and smiling with her hands out

Bronwyn Meyrick