My Mama Said classes are open to all levels of experience, and we are very aware working your butt at the Barre or finding your inner core in Pilates will be new to many, so don’t stress! Our instructors are industry leaders who are passionate about creating workouts that challenge your mind and body in just the right way. After all, fitness is not one size fits all.


My Mama Said channel your inner ballerina

Barre is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Fitness providing an all over body workout for longer and leaner muscles. It is a high intensity class, without the high impact. The class is primarily done at the ballet barre. No ballet experience required, Barre is suitable for anyone who wants to get amazing results whilst genuinely having a good old time!


Barre – an all over body workout for longer and leaner muscles.

Barre Stretch – less intense than our signature Barre, it’s equal parts strength and stretch to leave you feeling perfectly balanced.

Barre Circuit –  a HIIT styled barre workout that raises the heart rate, is a little tougher and pushes you to your limits. High intensity but low impact.


*Note these classes are a safe and excellent workout for our prenatal clients who have attended our prenatal fitness classes prior.


My Mama Said draw on your core

Our Pilates classes are done on the mat and incorporate a series of core-based movements that use your own body weight as resistance, helping prevent injuries. If you have never met your core, or just can’t find where you put it, best you pencil this class in at least once a week.


Pilates Mat – a full body workout using pilates small apparatus props to challenge and support your workout leaving you feeling longer, stronger and more energised.

Pilates Arc – Exclusive to MMS, this class will dramatically improve core strength and spinal mobility.

Reformer – A well-rounded workout targeting specific muscle groups to improve bio-mechanical patterning and function of your body. It’s safe, fun and you’ll get that burn.


* Note these classes aren’t suitable for prenatal clients. We offer a prenatal fitness class that is based on Pilates principles as a safer alternative.


My Mama Said float like a butterfly

The ultimate body/mind workout that should be in everyone’s weekly fitness schedule.


Yoga Flow – A general Vinyasa class that is suitable for those comfortable with basic yoga practice.

Flow / Yin – Starting with a strong and slow energising vinyasa practice that gradually winds down to a lengthened stretch series of grounding yin centering the body and mind whilst releasing tension.

Yin Yoga – A slower paced class that allows time for space to be created in the mind and body, working into the deep connective tissue.

Restorative Yoga – Calm the nervous system and cultivate balance in body and mind. Restorative yoga supports healing and relaxation with poses held for long periods supported by props. Ideal for those recovering from illness, injury, or want to de-stress needing some nourishing self-care.


*Note only Yin and Restorative Yoga are suitable for prenatal clients. Please contact us for further information.

Prenatal Fitness

The prenatal classes are designed using the best exercises from yoga, pilates, barre and fitness training. Our qualified instructors will educate you on the safest and most effective way to exercise during your pregnancy. Classes are open to all levels of experience.


Do I need medical clearance before attending classes?

We strongly advise all clients receive clearance from their doctor to exercise whilst pregnant.

Do I need to book a class to be able to attend?

We do recommend booking your place in the prenatal classes. Classes are capped for quality control and as a result often book out.

Can I take out a membership whilst I’m pregnant?

Yes, you can. The Barre Addicts Membership is the most popular membership for prenatal clients with the flexibility to suspend for up to 3 months (90 days) whilst you are on maternity leave. There is a minimum 4-month commitment ( 8 fortnightly payments) that must be fulfilled on your contract before exiting ( suspension period not included). See Barre Addicts Membership for full terms and conditions.

Are there any other classes I can attend other than the Prenatal Fitness class?

Yes, our Barre, Yin and Restorative Yoga classes are also prenatal safe provided you are not suffering from any major pelvic instability. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

Mums & Bubs

This class is specifically designed to help you regain strength and stability postpartum whilst spending time bonding with your baby. Exercises include a mix of barre, pilates and yoga to help you lengthen, strengthen, stretch and tone the body safely.


Do I need  medical clearance before attending classes?

The guidelines for returning to fitness postpartum can vary depending on your circumstances, so we advise getting cleared for exercise by your medical practitioner first before returning to class.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a baby blanket to lay over our mats and any toys that will help keep your baby occupied during the session.

If you have a comfortable and breathable carrier we suggest bringing it with you so that if your baby becomes unsettled, you can strap them to you and do some some standing exercises with your spine supported.

Please note our studio is located upstairs, so bring a carrier or pram that can easily be folded and transported.

Checkout our timetable to book a class.

Private Sessions

My Mama Said practice makes perfect

Want a program tailored specifically to your needs?

We offer private and duet sessions where you can choose your time and type and we’ll schedule you in one of our instructors. Email us for more info and bookings.