My Mama Said classes are open to all levels of experience, and we are very aware working your butt at the Barre or finding your inner core in Pilates will be new to many, so don’t stress! Our instructors are industry leaders who are passionate about creating workouts that challenge your mind and body in just the right way. After all, fitness is not one size fits all.

My Mama Said channel your inner ballerina

Barre Attack is a dynamic fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Fitness providing an all over body workout for longer and leaner muscles. It is a high intensity class, without the high impact. The class is primarily done at the ballet barre. No ballet experience required, Barre is suitable for anyone who wants to get amazing results whilst genuinely having a good old time!


Barre – an all over body workout for longer and leaner muscles.

Barre Circuit –  A HIIT styled barre workout that raises the heart rate, is a little tougher and pushes you to your limits. High intensity but low impact.

Barre Express – A 45min barre class that is all about the whole barre so help us…


My Mama Said is a proud supporter of the Barre Attack Teacher Training Program!

My Mama Said draw on your core

Our Pilates classes are done on the mat and incorporate a series of core-based movements that use your own body weight as resistance, helping prevent injuries. If you have never met your core, or just can’t find where you put it, best you pencil this class in at least once a week.


Pilates Mat – a full body workout using pilates small apparatus props to challenge and support your workout leaving you feeling longer, stronger and more energised.

Power Pilates – A 45 minute blast your ass, core and side bum class that will improve your posture and help you keep that jean size down!

Pilates Arc – Exclusive to MMS, this class will dramatically improve core strength and spinal mobility.


*Note these classes are not recommended for prenatal clients. Please contact us for further information.

My Mama Said float like a butterfly

The ultimate body/mind workout that should be in everyone’s weekly fitness schedule.


Vinyasa Mat – A general Vinyasa class that is suitable for those comfortable with basic yoga practice.

Power Yoga – A dynamic yoga class that is for our more experienced clients.

Yin Yoga – A slower paced class that allows time for space to be created in the mind and body, working into the deep connective tissue.

Flow / Yin – Starting with a strong and slow energising vinyasa practice that gradually winds down to a lengthened stretch series of grounding yin centering the body and mind whilst releasing tension.

Meditation – A free 30 minute meditation session to bring the community together and focus in on what’s important!

My Mama Said I’m going to be a Nanna!

A prenatal class designed using the best exercises from yoga, pilates, barre and fitness training. Our qualified instructors will educate you on the safest and most effective way to exercise during your pregnancy. If you are new to exercise, we do recommend checking with your doctor before attending classes.


My Mama Said shake it like Shakira

A dance based fitness class that originated in South America. Zumba is seriously the most fun way to improve your cardiovascular endurance and co-ordination. Plus, you will wipe up the dance floor next time you hit it with all your new moves!

My Mama Said be the best you can be 

We offer one on one sessions in any of the above classes, or perhaps you want a bit of everything. Just let us know what you would like and we will provide you with a private 1 hour session that will take your fitness to a whole other level.