What our clients say…….

“Positive, happy and kind fitness studio catering to all levels of fitness. Instructors are incredibly skilled and compassionate. Great range of classes, and gorgeous surrounds.” 

Hayley  –  MMS Member for 3 years.


“I can honestly say this is the best, most welcoming fitness studio I’ve ever been to. The quality of the classes far exceeds anything else around. And the instructors are genuine, caring and professional, while being a heck of a lot of fun. Truth is, exercise and I have never been best buds, but MMS is the only place where I’ve actually been able to get into it.” Chelsie – MMS Client for 2 years.


“Really enjoyed my first 2 classes.. Friendly and care instructors, clean and tidy studio, close to home.. Love it.. Looking forward to attend the next classes..”

Kelvin  – MMS Client for 2 years.


“My Mama Said helped me get my body back after pregnancy: It is incredible for post natal pelvic floor maintenance, as well as for correcting back and hip issue incurred during pregnancy. The instructors are all superlative and the classes are always fun. Each instructor brings their own unique style (and playlist!) to classes but they are each incredibly supportive and will give you a great workout. With a range of barre, pilates, yoga, zumba and power barre there is also plenty of variety. Highly recommended!”

Stephanie  – MMS Client for 2 years.


“So grateful that I found Lisa and the wonderful instructors in Seddon. If someone had told me 6 months ago I’d be loving barre I would’ve scoffed at them. Life changing stuff indeed.” Yvan – MMS Member for 3 years.


“Brilliant for the body and mind, and taught consciously and carefully by a pack of compassionate, legendary women. Ten out of ten, all the gold stars, high fives all round!!” Genevieve. A  – MMS Member for 2 years.


“Absolutely love My Mama!! All of the Barre classes are fantastic including express and circuit – All teachers are beautiful and bubbly and there is always a great friendly group of women to enjoy the classes with. Awesome way to workout – 3 classes a week saw me lose 10kg prior to my wedding recently and I’ve never felt better! Not to mention the mental stress relief.”

Gabrielle  – MMS Client for 8 months.


“I love going to classes at My Mama Said. The ladies are so supportive, meet you where your body is at, but still challenge you. I’ve been recovering from chronic back pain and can honesty say my life has changed since taking up classes here. ”

Joanna  – MMS Client for 2 years.


“I joined in October 2015 as a person who hates exercise! The dedication and commitment from everyone has been incredible, none more so than when they supported me through my recent pregnancy. I was able to attend regular classes with support and guidance and a personalised approach but I also had the added bonus of being able to attend Bec’s amazing prenatal classes which helped me to maintain strength and flexibility throughout pregnancy and prepare for my labour. I can’t wait to go back and try the new postpartum course which will ease me back into everything”.

Nerida  – MMS Client for 3 years.


“This is the best GYM – I’ve been going here for the last 12 months and have never felt stronger or healthier. The team is so supportive and they encourage you to be the best version of yourself. I suggest everyone getting a full membership so you can go when ever you need. Its not only important for your physical health but your mental health as well. Thanks My Mama Said you guys ROCK.”

Hana  – MMS Member for 2 years.


“A warm, wonderful and highly professional studio. Every class is different, every instructor is amazing and no matter your experience, background or fitness level, you feel welcome and challenged.”

Emily  – MMS Member for 2 years.


“The BEST workout of my life! A beautiful atmosphere, encouraging and professional teachers. Class sizes capped so you get the best experience possible.”

Jo  – MMS Client for 2 years.


“I have always struggled to find exercise that I enjoy. But since I have been coming to My mama said that has all changed. Or maybe it hasn’t but Lisa and the other instructors have created such an awesome fun community that going to class feels more like a social event. The extra workshops that they provide also mean that you are getting the most out of your classes, finding some inner peace or just having fun dancing. I find that every time I have a break from classes because, you know – life, I am motivated to get back asap!”

Jessica – MMS Member for 2 years


“A brilliant space to move the body and learn good technique. Lisa is a truly engaging and caring teacher and has created an environment that really delivers a good workout in a fun yet challenging way.”

Genevieve  – MMS Client for 3 years.