We have all survived another crazy season, some of us more intact than others no doubt. My Mama Said was absolutely pumping over Christmas and January which goes to show that we really do have the most dedicated clients who know the importance of making time for what’s important.

Statistics tell us that 41% of people will make weight loss/fitness there New Year’s resolution. Sadly, only 9% of people succeed in their resolution whatever they choose. Drastic lifestyle changes implemented overnight never work! Real change only comes from consistency and dedication to achieving your goals. We all lack motivation at times, but our job is to get back up again and keep going no matter what.

Pro Tip: Don’t set unrealistic goals that you can’t achieve. Instead, decide on 3- 5 things you could try to do each day that you know will make you healthier and happier in 2017.
Here are mine:
1. Give myself a chance of 7-8 hours sleep a night.
2. Take 5 minutes out of each day to just sit, and breathe.
3. Eat something green with every meal.

If you need some help or advice with any of your health or fitness questions, then hit us up. That’s what we’re here for!

Drink, dance and be merry!
Lisa x